February 2012: Shaela is the new online tour guide for

“Heterosexual Jill”

December 2011: Cast as Lola in this alternative romantic comedy set to begin production in February 2012.

Little Tikes

December 2011: Played Mom in toy industrial for Little Tikes.

“Richard III”

November 2011: Understudying Lady Anne and Queen Elizabeth for Sacred Fools production opening 1/20/12. Shaela will portray Lady Anne in the February 9th and 19th, 2012 performances.

Mercy for Animals PSA Unveiled

Honored to be a part of this incredible campaign set to air on MTV. To learn more about, and see the spots, click here.

“Crossroads” International Trailer

Long form distribution trailer for indie film ”Crossroads,” in which Shaela plays Agent Winters. Watch it here.

Sacred Fool

August 2011: Invited to become a member of Sacred Fools Theater Company.

“Into the Equinox”

Heading to Alaska in mid-August to film this supernatural thriller inspired by the Inuit legend of the Origin of Light.

“Hollywood Superhero”

August 17th: This touching short which explores the masks that we create for ourselves has it’s world premiere at HollyShorts Film Festival.

Music and Poetry

July: Had a wonderful time hosting two episodes of “A Journey Through Aesthetic Realms: Music and Poetry” set to air all over the world on SupremeMaster TV in August.

Mercy for Animals PSA

June: VERY excited about booking this PSA for such an incredible organization.

Serial Killers at the Sacred Fools

April-June: Currently playing Alice, the perfect wife in “A Kind of Love Story,” a serious contender in this uproarious hour of late night, original theater fun. The next episode of “A Kind of Love Story” plays June 18th!!

“In This Case”

May: Played a lawyer in this industrial.

“Evenings Under the Influence”

April: Happy to work again with 5 Talent Entertainment on this dramatic and emotional project.


March: Filming begins for short promotional film for this Los Angeles based jeweler.

Pharmaceutical Promotion

March: Played the lead scientist in this imaginative spot produced by London based Day for Night Films and Los Angeles based Moonrunner Films.


March: Cast as CIA mastermind, Agent Winters, in this independent feature.

Lumi Co. Train and Mitch and Brittany

March: Shaela cast in Noir-esque print shoot by Mitch and Brittany for Lumi Co.

“Shadow Man”

Sacramento International Film Festival. on April 15th.


February: Cast in promotional short film for this hip jewelry company. See their work here.

“Fast and Loose”

Debuting on the Sacred Fools stage as part of their New Year’s Eve new play bash.

“1,000 Ways to Die”

Shaela’s episode, “Today’s Menu: Deep Fried Death, Death by 70s” kicked off the new night and time for this Spike TV staple on December 8th, see it here.

Oakwood Corporate Housing

November: Modeled for their upcoming print campaign.

Crash the Super Bowl

Watch Shaela and her crew of football wives enjoy game day and Pepsi Max here. Spot produced by many of the “Jack the Reaper” production team.

“Actor ?”

October: Interviewed on her life as an actress for this documentary slated to premiere in 2011.

New Representation

Shaela is now represented commercially by Patricia Dawson and Pierre Gatling at Pantheon Talent.

“Jack the Reaper”

Has been invited to be screened at the upcoming Tri-City Independent/Fan Film Festival in Richland, WA on Oct. 15 & 16.


Begins its festival run at the Chicago International Shorts Festival! The festival runs from September 16-19th.

“I am the (K)night”

August: Is wrapped! More news soon about this fun project in which Shaela portrays a housewife with a sinister secret.

“1,000 Ways to Die”

July: Booked as party girl Lexi in this Season Four episode.

“Movie Review Round Table”

June: Thinking about seeing “Splice”? Watch Shaela and fellow filmmakers discuss their reactions to it here.


June: Cast as crime-solving, fun-loving “psychic” Andrea in this independent feature currently in development.

“Pillsbury Spec”

April: Playing Mom in this heartwarming project for Pillsbury Crescent Rolls.

Horizon Fitness Catalogue

Fitness model for Horizon’s newest catalogue.

“It’s Supernatural”

March: Portrays Bonnie, a barren woman who experiences a miracle.

“Shadow Man”

January: Wrapped this 16mm, depression-era short.

“Hollywood Superhero”

January: Shooting this edgy short that explores the intersection of drugs and Hollywood.

“City of Angers”

January: Premieres at The Idyllwild Film Festival.

Other News

“Jack the Reaper” continues travelling the festival circuit at the Beverly Hills HD Festival, on Jan. 10, the Myrtle Beach International Film Festival December 5th, 2009, the Los Angeles Comedy Festival November 5th, 2009, the Phoenix Film Festival’s InternationalHorror & Sci-Fi Film Festival October 15-18th, 2009 (where it WON 2009′s BEST HORROR SHORT), the 6th NYC Downtown Short Film Festival Audience Choice Screenings October 2nd, 2009, the “Way Off the Beaten Path: Comedy Shorts” program at The Socal Film Festival September 18th, 2009 and in July 2009 it premiered at the Action On Film Festival. Whew!!

December 2009: “Jeremy Winters,” a thought provoking short film in which Shaela portrays a nun questioning her relationship with the church and one of her students, wraps production.

September 13th, 2009: Shaela returns to the stage in the one act “Two Tickets,” part of The Black Box Theater’s Summerfest 2009.

Independent Feature “Unbalanced” July 2009: Shaela wraps principal photography on “Unbalanced,” an independent feature following aspiring Hollywood producer, Sarah Whitworth’s (played by Cook) descent into madness.